A Few New Things

Recently this past week I launch 2 sites.

1- My freelanceĀ 

2- My free resource blog

Good to know they are both up and finished. Pixel started after my friend James Graves and I wanted to start a blog. We both are terrible at spelling so we didn’t know what we were going to do. Then we decided what if we gave away free code and design stuff! Then after 4 months of trying to find a good domain name we finally got pixel up! There is more to that story but its been a long hard road keeping pixel up-to-date and it just now starting to get hits we are happy with.

Anyways, thats all I have to say…

One thought on “A Few New Things”

  1. Joe alves May 11, 2015

    I had not used my turntable in years and when it did not work I looked underneath, unmechancial as I am. I had no idea how to setup the belt. It was curdled up in the middle. I got online to your site and wow, that was simple to reset the belt. Its playing ok. I tried a tighter ordinary elastic band for the ell of it….and that was stupid. The turntable seemed to be working ok until I played the music and my LP suddenly had a deep ‘southern drawl”, soI put the original belt back in.

    Have another problem, I have noted about 3/4 through the playing of the LP, the turntable gets into a ‘ ‘rut’, repetative and would not move from there. I tried another LP and had the same problem. Here is the wierd thing on each LP, one side played all the tracks without a problem….but the flip side both had a rut problem about 3/4 the playing of the lp. Any ideas.

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