About Me

My name is Casey Spitnale. Most people call me Casey and never late for dinner. I have a family that I love. My wife Tris, Sons Luke & Harrison and finally lovely Lora.


I live in Cloverdale, Ohio. A village in Ohio with a population of 150-ish people. I chose leave the city and move to Cloverdale in 2013 to start a business and right a book. Cloverdale is a quiet peaceful town with nothing going on. With so many things trying to grab your attention these days, I am happy to come home to a quiet friendly neighborhood with little distractions and endless beauty.

I am a WordPress developer, web designer, graphic maker, illustration animator, and a marketer. I am the owner and operator for Vesst, which I started a few years ago. I have amazing clients and work with some super awesome agencies in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

I am a songwriter and love to play music. I played in a touring band for four years when I was younger. I dropped out of college and just started strumming a guitar. It lead to many stories and many failures but it was an amazing experience.

I drink coffee. Perfect way to end this.