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Love & Heartbreaks

Just wrote this song today. I like it. Im going to start posting the lyrics, even if its not 100% finished and this is just the rough lyrics and take on the song. Still has a good feel to it.

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Love and Heartbreaks

The wheel goes round
The snow fall still
The engine won’t start
But the prayers still will
Northern lights turn dark
Whispers we never hear
It’s a store that has closed
It’s my memory I still feel
She waits on the porch
I can see her still
She waits as I pass
“He will come back, he will.”

Love and heartache
A heart breaks, everyday
Love and Heartbreaks
It doesn’t have to be this way

It doesn’t have to hurt,
I know I felt the pain
When she went away
It wasn’t the first
It surely still burns
A stone tossed in stones
Is never alone

“A stone tossed in stones, is never alone.”

I will finish this soon. It’s mainly about what is going on in my life currently with tons of influences from my past. The only line worth anything in the song is:
This line means that everyone experience some sort of let down everyday. Whether its a break up or just someone not answering a phone call everyone is together in this life. Even though you are your own person, you may be with other people in the same mess. You cannot really be hurting but no matter what, you’re strong, you’re a rock and you have others with you holding you up.

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