The Start of the Sound System

And here is what I have been talking about the past week if you have seen or talked to me.  A Vintage Bic 940 record player and a Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-636.

The record player isn’t in good shape. The turntable is stuck. I guess in the specific model the oil that was used to spin the record will eventually dry and not let the turntable spin at all. So looking for fixes and a way to make it not-expensive to get working.

The receiver on the the other hand, as far as I can tell, is in great working order. Still will need speakers to judge everything. Going to look for some at vintage models, and I have really been impressed with old Fisher speakers. Hopefully find the best speaker at the lowest cost (right?).

Both of these items I was given by my wife’s parents over New Years 2011/2012. I cant thank them enough!

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