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Where is the Value in Virginity?

We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.

Why is ‘losing your virginity’ using the word ‘losing’ and not ‘gaining’ or ‘giving’ something. The Bible isn’t silent on the subject of sexual relations, but it’s often disregarded and avoided in Church. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that is all about receiving something, so the term ‘losing virginity’ makes me wonder how hasn’t the enemy tried to change it.

I don’t want to get into a complex argument about how, when, and why virginity is lost. I just want you to question why the word ‘losing’ is used.

First of all ‘the act’ has not lived up to expectations and has led to bitterness in many couples’ lives. Losing before marriage is not how God intended things to be—so losing before marriage first will come with complications.

Secondly, sex is not meant to be the big focus of our lives, but it is all the focus in many ways.

Thirdly, the current trend of having many sexual encounters, or sleeping around, is against all that God’s word teaches.

Virginity is a gift.

If virginity is a gift, what do we call presents given during Christmas?

“A gift”

We are not calling it ‘Losing Christmas.’ The gifts given during Christmas are given freely without the weight of the loss of money or time in the gifts’ worth. We call it ‘giving gifts’ or ‘exchanging presents.’ But no one calls it: ‘giving virginity’ or ‘exchanging virginity.

Today’s world doesn’t value the gift of virginity, so it is given without loss. The fight to keep virginity isn’t strong because its value is little. It is taught to have little value, so it has little value in our minds.

There simply is no value in virginity.

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