Child Songwriter

I really don't need to explain ... just watch.

Why Jewel Made Me A Better Songwriter.

Between the years, 1995 and 1999 my sister Amanda listen to a singer named Jewel. Her music was heard on repeat in her bedroom, constantly. Over and over again. My sister had two albums that she went back and forth on: Pieces…

Luke Peeling Oranges

My son loves fruit. Sometimes he will disregard anything we put in front of him and ask for apples and oranges. He hasn't got the peeling down yet.

A Day At Boonshoft

Took Luke and the family to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. This was our first time there. They had a special were you print out a coloring page, color it and you get in free. So good deal. Luke was very nervous…

Harrison’s First Birthday

My son Harrison had a birthday party this last weekend. Family and close friends all met up at my parents house in Defiance, Ohio to enjoy and celebrate Harrison's birth. I gave thanks before we ate and as people passed by I…

Luke’s 2nd Birthday

Just yesterday it seemed we were celebrating my sons 1st birthday. Now he is 2. Crazy. It was held at our house and Dayton and lots of friends and family came. We opened gifts and had the best Elmo party ever. Here are…


Most of my time over thanksgiving was spent chasing kids. But we did get to eat. My wife and I also spoke at grace.

My Son The Ohio State Fan

Luke has been learning words. Slowly. Yesterday we were having fun, finally got him to do OH - IO.

Luke Being a 1 Year Old

Luke does this funny thing out of total random. We still do not know how he stumbled upon doing this freeze up thing. He is learning a few words and lately started mimicking everything we do.

Luke Pulls Harrison

Nothing like rigging up a wagon with some random toys. Harrison cannot really do anything, but he was having a blast being pulled by his big brother.