Mothers Day Without Mom

Mother’s Day for many will be hard. We find ourselves focusing on the memories. Rather than spending Mother’s Day mourning our lost mothers, let’s focus on the beautiful, pure, and good things they left behind. We can make Mother’s Day once again a happy occasion if we think about what we have instead of what we’ve lost. I’d encourage anyone

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Growing Family

My family is growing! We have a baby boy coming around July 19th. Things are going to increase in fun, crazy, and in number!! Today I am reminded of how joyful it is to be a parent. Tris and I took our kids to find out what we were happening. Lora sat on my lap, Luke and Harrison were given

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How God Gave Us Lora.

My wife gave birth to my first daughter Lora Carol Spitnale. I have two sons so having a daughter was a big surprise to the both of us. Which she was… A surprise. My wife and I countless times just believe we were destined to have all boys. The day started around 4 am when my wife was having cramps.

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Winter 2014

I just realized I haven’t posted in awhile. Sorry. The start of 2014 has been all about winter. Yesterday I drove our tractor out of our barn while the weather reported -40 degree windshield. Was not fun. I had to plow out my driveway and drive to the hog barn and plow out the hog barn. The only thing is that

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Day Two: The Inside & The Outside

It’s been two days since I quit my job to start a business and work freelance full-time in the middle of nowhere. I left Nova on friday and cried most of the way home. Why you may ask? Well, to answer that in the shortest way possible … I left family. Most people really never find a job they can

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Back to Myrtle Beach

Tomorrow we leave for Myrtle Beach. I can say this is a needed vacation. More than any other vacation I have ever needed. This one is on top of the needed chart. Once you get older you must have to have a vacation because your stress level increases to the point you may explode. Maybe thats why people explode all

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Leaving Dayton

5 years ago today my wife and I were married. I have learnt that she is a angel. She has to put up with me everyday and I honestly don’t know how she does it. We have 2 kids and everyday she manages to not loose one of them, clean the house, and feed me. She does everything to make

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Harrison’s First Haircut

Harrison last week had his first haircut. Luke’s first haircut was filled with tears and crying. Harrison’s cut was completely different. He didn’t cry, didn’t care.

Luke and His Shadow

Luke found his shadow the other day and luckily I got the event on video.

Building A Flower Bed On A Saturday With My Sons

Every Saturday at the Spitnale’s begins with breakfast & coffee. Luke loves to play around until the food is on the table. This week I made poached eggs. Never tried making that type of egg, turns out cooking eggs isn’t that hard, anyway you cook them. My wife left early for a convention in Downtown Dayton for the Awareness Fair on Courthouse

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