Lion’s Heart

So when I am on vacation I spend 80% of the time writing songs. I rarely get time to write if I am busy. Which I always am. I have wrote a thousand songs in my life. I am a bad at vocals, good at song writing. I do write songs for Bekah Bradley. She is a much better singer

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One of my favorite things to do is play my guitar. Early morning Saturday while everyone was out of the house I wrote this song in two takes, here is the version I recorded so I don’t forget the song. I hate forgetting songs. Even if they suck. I just hate forgetting them. Well here you go. Listen. Its called

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Tears and Lullabies

Rough cut of a song I wrote in November. I will try to post some more. This one is inspired by a girl I knew barely in college. Tears and Lullabies

sony turntable ps-lx250h replace belt

I just had to fix this dang thing. After not finding a great solution with pictures on the internet to do this replacement I fixed my turntable and then took it apart to take photos. I know such a pain! First step is to attach the belt: Then place “the silver circle thing” back on the turntable. Make sure you

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John Mellencamp Cover

My sister just covered a song by John Mellencamp. In 2011 I got to see John in Columbus. He put on a great show and sang this song solo by himself. My sisters site.

The Start of Something…

So this past weekend I started to follow some instructions online on how to get a Bic 940 turntable to work. After a couple hours I realized this project was starting to look harder than I thought. The tray still doesn’t spin. I am not sure if everything is connected in the guts of it either. If only I had

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The Start of the Sound System

And here is what I have been talking about the past week if you have seen or talked to me.  A Vintage Bic 940 record player and a Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-636. The record player isn’t in good shape. The turntable is stuck. I guess in the specific model the oil that was used to spin the record will eventually

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The New Site & A New Record.

So I decided to update my personal site. And it just so happens that I just grabbed a new vinyl record today. Bought on ebay and it’s a beautiful dream. Carpenters The Singles 1969-1973 Working on building my record collection up and I hope to document it all on my site. Over the holidays I picked up some great equipment to fix

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