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Should We Rearrange The Kingdom?

A few weeks ago a pastor at my church posted this on his facebook…


“God has called us to BUILD His Kingdom…NOT rearrange it”

That put into words what I have been thinking for a long time. In fact, I wrote a post awhile ago about how scary churches can be…

A church is a group of believers used to worship God. But often thats some of the least of what happens. Often instead of worshiping God we are judging the other believers… even the new ones. Which is wrong. Really wrong.

God sent us onto earth to build his kingdom.

We are in a state of delusion because we don’t realize how important our mission is. If God sent you to get a gallon of milk on your way home, you surely would grab milk on you way home, right? You may even buckle it up just to be sure you give it to God and fulfill his request. I would even buy 3 different gallons just to be sure if he doesn’t like 2% I have fat-free and all those others that taste bad. Almond Milk – I am still wondering how? Just how?

But God didn’t ask us to bring home the milk. He asked us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and die daily. And we still don’t understand how important our mission is…

Obviously people leave churches. Lots of people think about leaving their church years before they actually do. Sometimes leaving is the right thing to do. But most of the time its wrong. Most people never even say they are leaving they just stop showing up.

“Where’s the ______ family?”

“Well turns out they didn’t agree with _______ and left for ______ church.”

Should we continue to allow ourselves to rearrange the Kingdom of God?

If our needs are not met we leave a church. There is plenty of church happy meals down the road that will fill my needs. There are 50+ churches in Defiance, Ohio.

churches-in-defiance-ohioNow you can say we can never have enough Jesus!!! But some countries only have one church ever 50 miles… leaving a church would require you to leave your home and move.

If we can’t get along with other Christians how are we going to build His Kingdom?

We don’t understand how important our mission is. 

I want to see churches working together. One blood saved all. Instead of the competition, instead of the dirty looks, and the judging … why not build HIs Kingdom together? If we cannot get our hometown to be in one accord fighting together what good is it to spread our gospel out to other communities? If we cannot work together because of our own child thoughts, I know the Devil will no trouble splitting us apart.

One day I really hope to see Catholics, Methodist, Baptist… everyone… working together to build the Kingdom together. If we never understand the importance of what our mission is, we will continue to keep fighting small battles alone. We may win a battle, but we will never win the war.


There is a biblical way of leaving a church. If you leave or are leaving a church do it in love, forgiveness, and unity. (John 13:34-35; Colossians 3:13; John 17:21-23) Never do it with bitterness or division. (Ephesians 4:31-32).

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