5 Day Fast & 5 AM Prayer

At the beginning of March 2016, I started fasting with five other men from church. We met each morning at 5 AM for discipleship and prayer. 5 AM gave each of us time to start our day before work or other responsibilities got in the way. We¬†planned the rules of our fast on Monday morning. Rules No Solid Food. That’s

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Should We Rearrange The Kingdom?

A few weeks ago a pastor at my church posted this on his facebook… “God has called us to BUILD His Kingdom…NOT rearrange it” That put into words what I have been thinking for a long time. In fact, I wrote a post awhile ago about how scary churches can be… A church is a group of believers used to

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Day Two: The Inside & The Outside

It’s been two days since I quit my job to start a business and work freelance full-time in the middle of nowhere. I left Nova on friday and cried most of the way home. Why you may ask? Well, to answer that in the shortest way possible … I left family. Most people really never find a job they can

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Should I go to church?

Something I am struggling with is the word church. I am moving in a few months and will be leaving the current church family I have. I have talked with a few close friends about this, and I am not the only one with this struggle. Now it seems there is a church ever 2 miles in Dayton. In Defiance,

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Leaving Dayton

5 years ago today my wife and I were married. I have learnt that she is a angel. She has to put up with me everyday and I honestly don’t know how she does it. We have 2 kids and everyday she manages to not loose one of them, clean the house, and feed me. She does everything to make

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A few testimonies

These kids are in my youth group. Lots of good stuff here. Lots of God stuff going on in our church lately and our ministry. Rusty, Abigail, and Christian were very transparent when I talked with them. I am lucky enough to be the guy who films and edit these.