Luke and His Shadow

Luke found his shadow the other day and luckily I got the event on video.

Building A Flower Bed On A Saturday With My Sons

Every Saturday at the Spitnale's begins with breakfast & coffee. Luke loves to play around until the food is on the table. This week I made poached eggs. Never tried making that type of egg, turns out cooking eggs isn't that hard, anyway…

Child Songwriter

I really don't need to explain ... just watch.

Luke Peeling Oranges

My son loves fruit. Sometimes he will disregard anything we put in front of him and ask for apples and oranges. He hasn't got the peeling down yet.

Luke’s 2nd Birthday

Just yesterday it seemed we were celebrating my sons 1st birthday. Now he is 2. Crazy. It was held at our house and Dayton and lots of friends and family came. We opened gifts and had the best Elmo party ever. Here are…

Luke Being a 1 Year Old

Luke does this funny thing out of total random. We still do not know how he stumbled upon doing this freeze up thing. He is learning a few words and lately started mimicking everything we do.

Luke’s First Words

Lukes first words were Da Da. Lukes first words on video were Ma Ma. I feel like since I am at work all day long my wife cheats and teaches him Ma Ma while I am away.  

Luke During New Years Eve

Over New Years Eve my wife and I went back to Defiance, Ohio to celebrate the 2012 with our families. My dad just got a new record player so we spent the night playing cards and listening to my dad's old records.…