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  • Leaving Dayton

    Leaving Dayton

    5 years ago today my wife and I were married. I have learnt that she is a angel. She has to put up with me everyday and I honestly don’t know how she does it. We have 2 kids and everyday she manages to not loose one of them, clean the house, and feed me. […]

  • Building A Flower Bed On A Saturday With My Sons

    Building A Flower Bed On A Saturday With My Sons

    Every Saturday at the Spitnale’s begins with breakfast & coffee. Luke loves to play around until the food is on the table. This week I madeĀ poached eggs. Never tried making that type of egg, turns out cooking eggs isn’t that hard, anyway you cook them. My wife left early for a convention in Downtown Dayton […]

  • 100 Year Anniversary of the Great Dayton Flood

    100 Year Anniversary of the Great Dayton Flood

    In 1913 The Great Dayton Flood overtook Dayton, Ohio and this flood still remains to be the largest natural disaster in Ohio history. Being 2013 I figured I would do a illustration of the flood from an amazing photo showing a husband and wife on-top of their roof overlooking the disaster.

  • Horses & Ponies

    Horses & Ponies

    Finally finished up a piece I will soon be putting on etsy. A few more to follow that piece. Once I finish up the photography.  

  • Monogram Wood Burning

    Monogram Wood Burning

    My friend James is getting married soon. Thought I would wood burn a monogram for them for their wedding. Take a look.

  • Recent Music & Life

    Recent Music & Life

    Lately been working … a lot. Then doing all my other activities. Fun-ish stuff with my sister Bekah Bradley. Played a few county fairs in Ohio. We also have continued to write her debut album to release sometime ??? I did visit my grandma’s barn and picked up a few pieces to to help my […]