First Week As A Pig Farmer

So about a year or so ago my dad wanted to build a modern hog barn or a modern pig barn. You know the huge buildings that cost an insane amount to build and can hold lots of pigs. We started to have family discussions about pig farming and we all had no idea what we were getting into. I

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I will pay in blood … but not my own.

We all need deeper meaning. A deeper relationship or a deeper thought. Something that is said way down deep is more meaningful. We all are hard-headed and ignore the basics because the basics are not as deep as we want. Sometimes we are unhappy with listening to people talk about God because its “too basic” or its a “beginners class.”

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Day Two: The Inside & The Outside

It’s been two days since I quit my job to start a business and work freelance full-time in the middle of nowhere. I left Nova on friday and cried most of the way home. Why you may ask? Well, to answer that in the shortest way possible … I left family. Most people really never find a job they can

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Comfort & Chaos

Years ago I realized I cannot plan my life. I wanted to fulfill dreams that I desired and wishes that I wanted reality. I loved planning my life because in my mind, everything is perfect. In my mind, everything is exactly in place. In my mind, the thoughts in my head are exactly what I want my life to be

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Back to Myrtle Beach

Tomorrow we leave for Myrtle Beach. I can say this is a needed vacation. More than any other vacation I have ever needed. This one is on top of the needed chart. Once you get older you must have to have a vacation because your stress level increases to the point you may explode. Maybe thats why people explode all

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Should I go to church?

Something I am struggling with is the word church. I am moving in a few months and will be leaving the current church family I have. I have talked with a few close friends about this, and I am not the only one with this struggle. Now it seems there is a church ever 2 miles in Dayton. In Defiance,

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Leaving Dayton

5 years ago today my wife and I were married. I have learnt that she is a angel. She has to put up with me everyday and I honestly don’t know how she does it. We have 2 kids and everyday she manages to not loose one of them, clean the house, and feed me. She does everything to make

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Harrison’s First Haircut

Harrison last week had his first haircut. Luke’s first haircut was filled with tears and crying. Harrison’s cut was completely different. He didn’t cry, didn’t care.

Luke and His Shadow

Luke found his shadow the other day and luckily I got the event on video.

What Do You Need?

On a day in the year 2000 there was free popcorn for moviegoers in Chicago. They were handed a free bucket of popcorn that was popped 5 days ago. If you have ever had old popcorn, you can relate to how bad the taste is. It has a squeak to its crunch and its flavor is gone. Stale like styrofoam peanuts. Everyone

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