Building A Flower Bed On A Saturday With My Sons

Every Saturday at the Spitnale’s begins with breakfast & coffee. Luke loves to play around until the food is on the table. This week I made poached eggs. Never tried making that type of egg, turns out cooking eggs isn’t that hard, anyway you cook them. My wife left early for a convention in Downtown Dayton for the Awareness Fair on Courthouse

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Behind “Minutes”

Today my sister releases her first single off her Bekah Bradley EP. The song is dear to me for lots of reasons. The main one … I wrote it. A few months ago I began writing in my living room. I had a melody in my head and chords at my finger tips. I began writing down these lyrics: Tears

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Why Jewel Made Me A Better Songwriter.

Between the years, 1995 and 1999 my sister Amanda listen to a singer named Jewel. Her music was heard on repeat in her bedroom, constantly. Over and over again. My sister had two albums that she went back and forth on: Pieces of You and Spirit. Over and over again. Jewel was defiantly my sisters favorite artist, and I was

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Luke Peeling Oranges

My son loves fruit. Sometimes he will disregard anything we put in front of him and ask for apples and oranges. He hasn’t got the peeling down yet.

100 Year Anniversary of the Great Dayton Flood

In 1913 The Great Dayton Flood overtook Dayton, Ohio and this flood still remains to be the largest natural disaster in Ohio history. Being 2013 I figured I would do a illustration of the flood from an amazing photo showing a husband and wife on-top of their roof overlooking the disaster.

A Day At Boonshoft

Took Luke and the family to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. This was our first time there. They had a special were you print out a coloring page, color it and you get in free. So good deal. Luke was very nervous at first, but then he started to open up and enjoy playing with all the learning stations and

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Love & Heartbreaks

Just wrote this song today. I like it. Im going to start posting the lyrics, even if its not 100% finished and this is just the rough lyrics and take on the song. Still has a good feel to it. Love and Heartbreaks The wheel goes round The snow fall still The engine won’t start But the prayers still will

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