Luke Being a 1 Year Old

Luke does this funny thing out of total random. We still do not know how he stumbled upon doing this freeze up thing. He is learning a few words and lately started mimicking everything we do.

Luke Pulls Harrison

Nothing like rigging up a wagon with some random toys. Harrison cannot really do anything, but he was having a blast being pulled by his big brother.

Missing You, Missing Me

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] Everyone misses someone at the wrong time and the result is¬†tragedy.

Horses & Ponies

Finally finished up a piece I will soon be putting on etsy. A few more to follow that piece. Once I finish up the photography.  

Lorain County Fair

I wrote a few songs for my sister. Here I am playing a show at the Lorain County Fair. It was simply beautiful. That fair is one of the best I have ever been too. Here are some more videos from the fair. Country Roads Lion

Monogram Wood Burning

My friend James is getting married soon. Thought I would wood burn a monogram for them for their wedding. Take a look.

Recent Music & Life

Lately been working … a lot. Then doing all my other activities. Fun-ish stuff with my sister Bekah Bradley. Played a few county fairs in Ohio. We also have continued to write her debut album to release sometime ??? I did visit my grandma’s barn and picked up a few pieces to to help my friend James do some decor

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Playing with Bekah Bradley

For those of you who do not know … Bekah Bradley is my sister. A few days ago we decided that I should join her band. We have wrote a few songs in the past. So it wasn’t a big deal to join. I do have to learn like 15 cover songs that she plays. So thats not the fun

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Songs about Girls

Lots of my songs I write are not well thought out at the start. But eventually they turn into something that is meaningful. Songs about girls are rarely anything I like to listen to. But they are the easiest to write. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

The Weight is Gone

I love vintage music. Music that sounds like it was wrote on a porch. I did not write this song on a porch. I like God. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]