Recent Music & Life

Lately been working … a lot. Then doing all my other activities. Fun-ish stuff with my sister Bekah Bradley. Played a few county fairs in Ohio. We also have continued to write her debut album to release sometime ??? I did visit my grandma’s barn and picked up a few pieces to to help my friend James do some decor

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Playing with Bekah Bradley

For those of you who do not know … Bekah Bradley is my sister. A few days ago we decided that I should join her band. We have wrote a few songs in the past. So it wasn’t a big deal to join. I do have to learn like 15 cover songs that she plays. So thats not the fun

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Songs about Girls

Lots of my songs I write are not well thought out at the start. But eventually they turn into something that is meaningful. Songs about girls are rarely anything I like to listen to. But they are the easiest to write.

The Weight is Gone

I love vintage music. Music that sounds like it was wrote on a porch. I did not write this song on a porch. I like God.

You Can’t Start, What You Can’t Find

Years ago I played music for a band called Dash the Assassin. This song is about my experience in a band and wanted different things. Like a wife, stuff, time, friends. I lost a lot of friends. Music sorta consumed my life. Then I expected to play music and, you know, win girls hearts – old and new. My priorities

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Lion’s Heart

So when I am on vacation I spend 80% of the time writing songs. I rarely get time to write if I am busy. Which I always am. I have wrote a thousand songs in my life. I am a bad at vocals, good at song writing. I do write songs for Bekah Bradley. She is a much better singer

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Luke’s First Words

Lukes first words were Da Da. Lukes first words on video were Ma Ma. I feel like since I am at work all day long my wife cheats and teaches him Ma Ma while I am away.  


One of my favorite things to do is play my guitar. Early morning Saturday while everyone was out of the house I wrote this song in two takes, here is the version I recorded so I don’t forget the song. I hate forgetting songs. Even if they suck. I just hate forgetting them. Well here you go. Listen. Its called

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A few testimonies

These kids are in my youth group. Lots of good stuff here. Lots of God stuff going on in our church lately and our ministry. Rusty, Abigail, and Christian were very transparent when I talked with them. I am lucky enough to be the guy who films and edit these.

Tears and Lullabies

Rough cut of a song I wrote in November. I will try to post some more. This one is inspired by a girl I knew barely in college. Tears and Lullabies